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2022 Annual Meeting Summary

The 2022 Annual Meeting of the Sovereign Grace Baptist Fellowship

was held at New Hope Baptist Church of Seneca, Kansas

Sept 12-14, 2022

Curtis Knapp, Pastor

Friends and members of the Sovereign Grace Baptist Fellowship met for the annual meeting at New Hope Baptist Church in Seneca, Kansas from September 12 – 14. This annual meeting provides a foundation for keeping fellowship alive among the members which are scattered across the nation.

The saints known as New Hope Baptist took very good care of us, providing too much food – all of which was very good. We kept up the Baptist image of gathering around food for the body as we were also given food for our souls. Four brothers preached, including two men who are friends of the fellowship but not yet members. Dexter Priest, St. Francis Baptist Church in St. Francis, KS, preached on the need preachers have for the power of God. John Hunter, Cedar Grove Baptist Church in Millport, AL preached about the road to confusion. James Anderson, Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Hornell, NY preached on the gospel. And Kenneth Glisch, Christ Fellowship Particular Baptist Chapel in Paris, TN preached on the need of ministry to be other-focused. Video of these sermons is on our web page under the SGBF tab of the menu.

Members gave reports on each congregation in the fellowship and on the mission work going on around the globe, supported by the members. This is one area where members work together, with no bureaucratic burden to drain support from those in the field.

As with 2021, 2022 saw the addition of two new members – which are congregational and not only pastoral. We are joyful and thankful to God for the addition of Dominion Baptist in Birmingham, AL and Walk in the Life in Park Hills, MO.

These meetings are encouraging to all who attend and helpful in building personal relationships that can endure the geographical dispersion of the group. We would love your congregation to consider joining us, for the building up of the saints, reaching the perishing, and glorifying the Lord Jesus.

Your servant,

Stuart Brogden

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