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Sovereign Grace Baptist Fellowship: Documents

SGBF Statement of Faith SGBF: Statement of Faith | Download

The Word of God is our only infallible and final guide for our faith and practice and it alone can assert itself over our consciences. It remains supremely authoritative for us over any Confession of Faith adopted by the Fellowship.


Constitution and Bylaws SGBF: Constitution & Bylaws | Download

Our purpose is to establish and maintain a Fellowship of Baptist pastors and churches which believe that salvation rests ultimately in the sovereign grace of God; to provide a medium for fellowship and mutual encouragement…


Historical Baptist Overview SGBF: Historical Baptist Overview | Download

No Christian denomination has been so indifferent to its history as our own. Our fathers have been left to sleep in unhonored graves. The labors they performed – the sufferings they endured – the heroic characters they bore…

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