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From the Former Chairman

Welcome to the web site of the Sovereign Grace Baptist Fellowship!

We are a small group of very like-minded churches that support interaction in a loosely structured fellowship. Our goal is mutual encouragement in the gospel ministry, promotion of steadfastness in the faith once delivered to the saints, sharpening our understanding of Biblical truth, and supporting God-called missionaries.

Most who have joined with this fellowship of churches have done so from a background of independence. Believing that each New Testament church answers to our Head, the Lord Jesus Christ, we are not interested in subjecting the church to any hierarchy that takes His place. The SGBF is put together with this concern in mind. Our constitution clearly expresses this conviction. There is no control of any church or churches over any other church or churches.

The member churches have committed to support a magazine called The Sovereign Grace Messenger. It is published as frequently as funds permit. It is produced by one of the pastors of a member church. We have also agreed that one of the member churches will host a conference annually. This conference provides an opportunity for member churches, as well as non-member guests, to be encouraged under sound preaching and fellowship. There are other meetings hosted by various member churches throughout the year which many of us attempt to attend.

If you are looking for this kind of organized fellowship of pastors and churches, please contact us that we might put you on our mailing list. Our annual meeting will be hosted in the San Antonio area in 2016. You can look on the web site for other member-church hosted meetings that may be closer to you.

As the chairman of the Sovereign Grace Baptist Fellowship I encourage you to communicate and consider participating with us as we seek to faithfully uphold the gospel of God’s sovereign grace in a dark and needy world.

Upheld by grace,

Kyle White

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